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What is narcotic analgesic and non narcotic analgesic?define with examples.

Narcotic means to make numb originally refferd medically to any psychoactive drugs with numbing or paralysing property.

– in United state it has since become associated with opiates and opioid commanly morphine and heroin as well as derivatives of many other compounds found within raw opium latex.

-The primary 2 are morphine and codeine.

Heroin is a powerful opioid and narcotics.

Analgesic are drug that relieve pain there are two types,

(1) Non narcotic for mild pain.

Eg.- spirine and paracetamol.

(2) Narcotics analgesic for severe pain.

Eg.- Morphine and heroin.


Narcotics analgesic tends to be opioids they bind to opioids receptors which are G-protien coupled receptors distributed in brain and spinal cord, digestive tatct, peripheral nuerons.



There are three types of opioids receptors.

(1)Mu-opioids receptors,

(2) Delta receptors.,

(3)kappa receptors.

– They are endogenous opioids donot bind specifically to any particular opioids receptors.receptor binding to the opioids causes a cascade leading to the channel opening and hyperpolarization of the neurons.

– Hyperpolarization can leads to post synaptic neural inhibition and pre synaptic inhibition of the neurotransmitter release..

– Post synaptic neural inhibition can reduse analgesia and central hyperactivity may reduces its efficiency.

The machanism of kappa receptors is slightly different than My and Delta channales.



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