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Difference between Yoga and Exercise?

‘Yoga’ a method of physical activity which was invented by the person named ‘Patanjali’. This method focuses on physical activities which are organised in a peaceful manner. The person does not need to hype-up. Take for example Anulom vilom asana (Asana means Posture). The person just needs to breathe-in and breathe-out consistently in a straight sitting manner. There are several other asanas too, such as, Vajraasana, Soryanamaskar, Pawanmuktasana, etc. In exercise, it is already clear that the person needs to break some sweat. From running at a constant speed to lifting heavy weights, everything demands hard work. Exercise can help an individual in acheiving an excellent shape. Like Yoga, there are several methods in Exercise too! Some examples are – Push-ups, Pull-ups, Squats, etc. While Yoga can be helpful in curing a disease, Exercise is helpful in developing strength and stamina.

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