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Why earth is called blue planet?

Blue planet earth.

The planet earth surface is covered by almost 70% of water and rest 30 percent constitute solid surface like continents, islands, mountains.

Hence when we see earth from space it looks like blue planet because the visible light radiation coming from the son contains VIBGYOR means violet,indigo, blue,green, orange and red, they together form white light.

But when white light falls on earth surface it’s water resorvoier absorbe the other wavelengths of light except blue and only blue light reflected back to space, that’s why we see earth as blue planet.


Most pathognomonic sign of irreversible cell injury?

These are some pathognomonic sign of irreversible cell injury:- Persistent Ischemia No cloudy swelling.- Mitochondria Large flocculant amorphous deposit – Mitochondria Severe cytosolic calcium deposits. More Myelin finger- Cell membrane The endonuclease process started. Pyknosis, Karyorrhexis, karyolysis happening in nucleus ...

Smallest Cell in the Human Body

Smallest Cell in the Human Body

Sperm, Smallest Cell in the Human Body, The cells unit are the fundamental building block of all living things. The physique consists of trillions of cells. they supply structure for the body, soak up nutrients from food, convert those nutrients ...